The Egg Man Says Thanks

About The Egg Man

The Egg Man farms quality free-range eggs where the hens roam free from dawn til dusk enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and the shade of the gum trees.

The property consists of three large sheds, which are opened up every morning as soon as light breaks, allowing the hens to explore the surrounding paddocks. The sheds are where the hens lay their eggs, eat, shelter and sleep. Once dusk falls the hens return to their nests, every evening after dark the Egg Man goes around to each of the sheds to ensure every door is tightly shut, to keep the hens safe, cosy and warm. 

The Egg Man, Will Evans and his wife Julia Evans, have been farming free-range eggs since 1999 on his 60-acre property, ‘Willawarra’. The farm is nestled in a cosy pocket on the golden plains of Ombersley, located near the historic town of Winchelsea, which lies 38.5 kilometres from the city of Geelong.

Will and Julia Evans have a very loyal helper called Veronica, who helps to collect, count, sort and clean eggs 4 days a week. The friendly neighbours will also help to open and close up the sheds if the family are away from the farm.

 The Egg Man  

Hen type:

Hy-line Brown, approximately five thousand hens.

Daily routine:

The eggs are collected three to four times a day and approximately 4,500 eggs are collected daily. Less than three years ago each egg was individually picked up by hand, today the Egg Man has three reliable egg collecting machines, which help them through the work load. Eggs are then delivered two to three times a week.